The Batmobile lives in the BatCapsule!

24th Apr 2017




John Marchese says Batman was his first favorite TV show. In tribute to the Caped Crusaders' ride, he has recreated the Batmobile.

"The Batmobile has a fiberglass body from a mold mounted to a stretched corvette chassis. It is a stock 86 corvette, with the exception of a fuel cell and a few suspension mods. It goes nice, runs straight and cool. It is a pre-owned custom vehicle from out here on Long Island. Interior is stock corvette, except the rotating speedo and some other odds and ends. The hood and trunk are hydraulic. I had it for 1/2 hour in my driveway and people were stopping from all over the place. It is a cool car. It is not the exact replica of the Batman TV show, but close enough."

To keep it safe, this Batmobile custom creation is kept in a 25' BoatCapsule.

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